In the midst of a dense and foreboding forest, you find yourself disoriented and lost. As darkness falls, panic sets in. Desperation leads you to stumble upon an old, weathered cabin hidden amidst the trees. Its decaying walls and creaking floorboards tell tales of years gone by. As the night progresses, distant moans and shuffling footsteps pierce through the silence, revealing a grim truth: you are not alone. Hordes of relentless zombies, driven by an insatiable hunger, surrounds the cabin. There is now only one option left: survive until morning.


Forced into a relentless retreat by a horde of zombies, you finds themselves seeking refuge within an ancient and formidable castle. With the undead pressing from all sides, your only glimmer of hope rests in reclaiming the castle and turning the tide against the zombie onslaught.